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Tech Tammina offers transformative solutions tailored for:

Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agencies

Independent Agents

Independent Agents

Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers



Insurance Outsourcing Excellence

Outsourcing Solutions

Reimagine Success, Value & Growth with Tech Tammina’s Innovative Approach!

P&C Insurance Solutions

Undergo transformation in your business operations through our P&C Insurance Solutions!

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Boost your business with strategic insurance partnerships for amplified success.

Tailored Outsourcing solutions for:

Agencies & Independent Agents

New Business Acquisition

Policy Management

Claims Processing

Employee Benefits

Tailored Outsourcing solutions for:

Wholesalers & Carriers

Underwriting Support

Commission Management

Premium Processing

Risk Management

End-To-End Back Office Support Services

Policy Setup

Initial creation and structuring of insurance policies based on quotes, ratings, and proposals.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Issuance of proof of insurance documents to policyholders.

Document Indexing and Filing

Organizing and categorizing documents for easy retrieval and efficient record-keeping.

Loss Run Processing

Analysing claims history to assess risks and determine insurance premiums.

Policy Checking and Administration

Ensuring policy documents are accurate, complete, and administered correctly.

Endorsements and Certificates

Modifying insurance policies and issuing proof of insurance modifications.

Renewal Exposure Summary

Managing policy renewals to ensure continuous coverage and updated policy terms.

Claims Administration

Handling claims processing, verification, and settlement.

Invoicing, Billings, and Accounts Management

Managing policy renewals to ensure continuous coverage and updated policy terms.

Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting

Maintaining financial records and conducting thorough financial analyses to prevent fraud.

Policy Compliance Review

Ensuring policies comply with legal, regulatory, and company standards.

Insurance Quotes

Providing estimated insurance costs based on specified parameters.

Direct Billing & Reconciliation

Managing billings directly to clients and reconciling financial accounts.

BOR (Broker of Record) Services

Providing estimated insurance costs based on specified parameters.

Policy Renewals

Administering policy renewals to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

Acord Applications

Providing estimated insurance costs based on specified parameters.

Endorsement Ordering/Policy Changes:

Managing requests for policy changes and ordering endorsements accordingly.
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Precision-Driven Expertise

Precision-Driven Expertise

We enhance your service delivery, acting as an extended arm of your team.

Technology Excellence

Technology Excellence

Harness Advanced AI, Machine Learning,and Robust Process Automation for insightful
decision-making and heightened
operational efficiency.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Individually tailored to comprehensively address the specific challenges you face and
align seamlessly with your strategic

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Advocating for and actively pursuing continuous technological adaptation is paramount for achieving future-ready solutions.

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